FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Hottest Geek Guys of 2013

One of the most popular features on Geek To Me has always been the “Top Geek Gals” and “Hottest Geek Guys” galleries that I’d put together each year. It’s one of the most difficult features to produce since I’m always sorting through the numerous nominations that I collect on my Twitter and Facebook page. And I always end up forgetting someone deserving.

I was going through my photo archives and found the “Hottest Geek Guys of 2013” which featured several of my favorite fellow geek guys – like Marcus LeShock, Laurence Holmes and Nathan Hamill. But this one will always be my fave because it included musician Matt Ryd.

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I remember when I was putting together the 2013 gallery and Matt chided me, saying that I never included him with the “cool geeks.” Of course he was joking with me because he was one of the most humble persons I’ve ever known. Still, I was embarrassed because he was such an obvious choice.  The dude personified the music geek.

He was so flattered when I put him in the 2013 gallery. And I was stunned when the photo was used in his memorial.

I really miss you, Matt.

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