This is the darkest timeline…

I’ll never forget the day this happened. To set the scene up: I had been asked by the folks of Wizard World – the convention organizers – to moderate the “Star Trek Captains Reunion” panel at the WW Chicago Comic-Con a couple years ago. It was going to be one of the biggest events I’d ever be a part of at that point in my career as a “geek journo.” The panel included Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko from “Deep Space Nine”), Scott Bakula (Captain Archer on “Enterprise”) and Captain Kirk himself…WILLIAM…EFFING…SHATNER(!)  Now, Shatner had already given me some playful grief backstage, so I guess I should have expected this:

Funny, huh? Thing is, something happened during the panel that kind of paints that whole act of nerd collectible-vandalism in a different light. Something that pretty much goes unnoticed by most if you watch the entire panel on video.

Quite frankly, it was a hard lesson that I learned about dealing with celebrities and interacting with them in these types of scenarios. It was also lesson that I’ll never forget, and that I always keep in mind when I work conventions like C2E2 or Chicago TARDIS.

What was that lesson, you ask? What happened during the panel that nobody ever notices? The fact is that only the folks closest to me know the answer. And I’ve never spoken about it publicly….

…that is until Sept. 21st at The Public House Theatre (3914 N Clark St, Chicago, Illinois 60613) when I’ll be talking about what happened behind-the-scenes (and on stage) at the “Star Trek Captains Reunion” panel, as part of the Nerdologues “Your Stories: My Lips are Sealed” show.

Join me and a bunch of Chicago’s top nerds and geeks as we share stories from our lives for your entertainment. There will also be music, comedy sketches and all sorts of fun stuff!

Click HERE to RSVP

This is going to be the one and only time that I’m ever going to tell this story in a public forum. And chances are – due to the sensitive nature of the story – that I’m going to ask Kevin Reader of the Nerdologues to edit certain portions out for the podcast. So if you want to hear the entire account, unedited and uncensored, I suggest you show up that Sunday night!

I will say this, since the story is going to be just as nerve-wracking for me as that panel was, I’ll be drinking during the telling.  Sure am gonna need some “liquid courage” to get me through it!

Anyone have a good recipe for Romulan Ale I could use?

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