“Star Wars: Rebels” merchandise & toyline arrives!

When you consider that the very first Star Wars movie didn’t have any toys available at its premiere, it’s unheard of to not have any products based on the property on store shelves these days.

Now that Star Wars is part of the Disney family, they’re not wasting any time releasing toys and other goodies to promote the new animated series Star Wars: Rebels.

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From the press release:

Glendale, Calif. (September 22, 2014) — Disney Consumer Products has unveiled an intergalactic assortment of products celebrating the release of Star Wars Rebels, the new Disney XD animated television series which debuts October 3rd on Disney Channel and continues on Disney XD starting October 13th. With all new exciting adventures and memorable new characters, Star Wars Rebels will introduce a new generation of fans to the Star Wars galaxy, inspiring new lines of figures, spaceships and lightsabers, apparel and accessories, home décor, books and more from best-in-class licensees including Hasbro, LEGO, Mad Engine, Rubies and Jay Franco.

Star Wars Rebels extends the franchise’s legendary storytelling while refreshing nostalgic play patterns with a new audience,” said Josh Silverman, executive vice president of global licensing, Disney Consumer Products. “With updated classics like multi-functional lightsabers and buildable spacecraft, kids will be able to recreate the epic galactic space fantasy that has been shared by multiple generations.”

In addition to the collection of Star Wars Rebels products available at Disney Store locations nationwide, www.DisneyStore.com will feature a “Create Your Own” tab that allows fans to personalize a variety of items from tech accessories and school supplies to apparel and party invitations that feature their favorite characters from Star Wars Rebels.


One of the most eye-catching aspects of the Star Wars Rebels line of merchandise is the number of toys and accessories geared towards female fans. Considering the dearth of female heroes in the classic trilogy & prequels, the new animated series appears to be addressing this with the inclusion of Twi’lek space-pilot Hera and fellow Ghost crew-member Sabine.

Word has it that Star Wars Rebels will not only bridge the gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, but will also drop some lead-ins to Episode VII!

I’m curious as to how fans of the Saga will receive this series. What do you think?

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