My New Favorite Star Wars Talk Show

Today was the premiere of “The Comlink”, a nerdy talk show devoted to all things Star Wars. The show is hosted by David Collins and can be found on Kevin Smith’s S.I.T. (Smodcast Internet Television) Youtube Channel.

The first episode features an interview with voice actor – and friend of Geek To MeJames Arnold Taylor. He talks about the new episodes of “The Clone Wars” that debuted on, as well as what it was like to interview Mark Hamill:

And to reward you for clicking on “read more” here’s the extended 30-minute interview with Taylor:

Personally, I like the talk show format of “The Comlink.” And I’m really envious of the set! It has a really cool Star Wars vibe without being too cluttered with themed decorations and merchandise.

What do you think? Also, are there any other shows/podcasts that Geek To Me readers should hear about? Let me know!

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