Hail to the King baby! Get the script to Army of Darkness 1992.1

Listen up screwheads! This Wednesday Dynamite Entertainment’s anniversary special “Army of Darkness 1992.1” will be hitting the shelves at comic shops everywhere. The square-bound anthology edition features the talents of Steve Niles, James Kuhoric, Cullen Bunn and Mike Raicht (along with yours truly) writing untold tales of everyone’s favorite chainsaw-swinging, boomstick-blasting hero, Ashley J. Williams.


It was such a blast getting to play with Ash again and it was a real honor to have my name on a book with some of the top talents in comics! Now, since I think this occasion merits doing something special to commemorate it, I’m going to reward all my readers with a treat!

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First up, I’m going to be appearing at Challengers Comics + Conversation this Wednesday, November 12th 5-7 pm, to sign copies of Army of Darkness 1992.1. As an additional bonus, if you stop by I will be giving away copies of the original script to my story in the anthology!

Now, if you can’t make it to the signing because you’re a) fighting off a deadite horde or b) live out of town, you can still get a copy of the script by Tweeting or e-mailing me a photo of yourself holding a copy of the book.

If you Tweet the photo, be sure to use the hashtag #HailToTheKingBaby

Everyone who shares a photo of themselves with the book will have a .PDF copy of the script sent to them via e-mail. In addition, everyone who shares a photo will also be entered into a drawing for a SIGNED SCRIPT and SIGNED ARMY OF DARKNESS COMIC from me to be sent via snail mail.

Bonus points will be awarded to fans who take photos that include them wearing an Evil Dead or Army of Darkness t-shirt. DOUBLE BONUS POINTS if you have a picture with the Necronomicon Ex Mortis!

So be sure to pick up a copy of Army of Darkness 1992.1, take that picture and share it with me!

Oh yeah, and are you as psyched as I am over the news that Bruce Campbell will be starring in a new Evil Dead television series? Groovy!

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