Doctor Puppet Visits “The Planet That Came For Christmas”

With the Doctor Who Christmas Special just a day away, Whovians can whet their appetites for a new Timelord adventure and enjoy this delightful animated holiday feature from the folks behind “Doctor Puppet“!

If you’ve never heard of them before, this is from the Doctor Puppet YouTube Channel: “Doctor Puppet is a Doctor Who fan series made by a team of professional artists and musicians. It’s a labor of love. The puppets and animation are created in a tiny New York City apartment. The music and vocals are produced and recorded in England.”

Yesterday they posted their newest short called “The Planet That Came For Christmas.” It wonderfully captures the spirit of the Christmas specials using the same stop-motion technique that fans of the classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” enjoy:

Happy Christmas everyone!

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