Works of legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta to go up for auction

If you’ve ever picked up a fantasy mag or paperback, you’ve most likely seen the work of Frank Frazetta. Recognized as the Grand Master of fantasy art, Frazetta’s work is known world-wide by fans of the genre.

Now, in a truly historic occasion, collectors will have an opportunity to own an original piece of Frazetta artwork in what is being called “THE LARGEST AND GREATEST SELECTION OF MASTER FANTASY ARTIST FRANK FRAZETTA’S PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS EVER OFFERED FOR SALE IN THE WORLD!”

Considering the pieces that are available, and the timeless quality of the work, fantasy fans should be ready to make a dent in their bank accounts. See for yourself in the following press release and sample gallery:


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DECEMBER 11, 2015 – This Historic Auction Features 80 Works By Frazetta—Arguably The Most Influential Fantasy Artist Of Our Time—Including 3 Iconic Oil Paintings, 20 Mixed Media Color Works, Plus Dozens Of His finest Pen & Ink Drawings, Highlighted By The Very Best Of His Canaveral Press Illustrations Featuring “The Lion Queen,” “Tarzan,” “Conan The Barbarian,” “Flash Gordon” & “Buck Rogers”

Also Included In The Auction Will Be Works of art by Roy Krenkel, Hal Foster, Hannes Bok, Hank Ketcham, Al Williamson, George Herriman, Jack Kirby and Walt Kelly.

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Calabasas, CA—Profiles in History is delighted to announce the sale of art works by legendary Fantasy artist Frank Frazetta from the collection of Doc Dave Winiewicz to be held in their California Auction Gallery on December 11, 2015.

There will be over 80 pieces drawn by Frazetta in this auction.

Without question, the largest offering of museum quality Frazetta artwork to ever come to auction. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire the finest works Frazetta created; painstakingly assembled with care, love and a critical eye by Dr. Dave Winiewicz, the foremost authority on Frazetta in the world and the artist’s best friend.

The Auction will also include an exciting assortment of Frazetta reference materials, plus signed books and other ephemera, including Frazetta’s personal artist pens, pocket knife and drawing pencils.

Amassed for over 40 years, this collection includes 2 Tarzan paintings and a great Lord of the Rings Illustration, “The Witch-king of Egmar,” plus the very best of his Canaveral Press Pen & Ink Illustrations. Also featured will be Frazetta’s iconic illustrations of “The Lion Queen,” “Tarzan,” “Conan the Barbarian” and “Flash Gordon.”

Additionally, collectors will certainly cherish the limited edition, numbered and signed oversized deluxe catalog that has been lovingly produced for this auction as a permanent record of both Frazetta’s creative genius and Doc Dave’s archival dedication. This Auction is curated by long time Frazetta associate Rob Pistella.

“I am thrilled to have this opportunity to handle some of the greatest artwork by the master Frank Frazetta and I am even happier to be working with my dear friend Dave Winiewicz. I am honored he chose Profiles in History to sell his collection” – Joe Maddalena, President/CEO, Profiles in History

“I have spent a lifetime doing hundreds of art deals and these originals represent the finest fruit of my efforts. I collected them for the deep and satisfying pleasure that they provided. I cherished them for decades. The true Frazetta connoisseur knows what the really “good stuff” is, and this auction is filled with those once-in-a-lifetime examples. This Profiles in History auction is quite unique in that regard. Most of these pieces will never be seen back on the market in your lifetime. A better quality offering will simply not be seen!” – Doc Dave Winiewicz

“For me, bringing this project to Profiles in History was simply about making Frank Frazetta’s best works finally available for purchase to his appreciative audience in the best possible format. A curator strives to obtain a quality and significant body of work; Dave made it easy for me by putting in the time and love to amass a collection that would take 40 years to assemble. This sale, without a doubt, shall be the greatest offering of the greatest work of the greatest fantasy and comic artist of the 20th century, an artist who’s timeless work resonates with both his peers and his fans even today. I’m proud to work with Dave and Joe to present to you the Doc Dave Collection of Art including the works of master artist Frank Frazetta.” – Rob Pistella, Curator

Frank Frazetta’s influence over the highest echelon of today’s greatest artists, creative professionals and lovers of fantasy and sci-fi art cannot be overstated.

Frazetta’s historically significant life body of work has been featured on paperback book covers (his drawings of Tarzan invigorated the paperback book industry, triggering record sales numbers never achieved before), magazines (Mad, Playboy), comic books (“Shining Knight,” “Buck Rogers,” “Lil Abner,” “Flash Gordon”) movie posters (What’s New, Pussycat?, The Night They Raided Minsky’s, Conan the Barbarian, The Gauntlet) and record album covers (Molly Hatchet; Herman’s Hermits, Nazareth, Dust).

Most of Frazetta’s art has been sold privately. Notable sales results include: “Conan the Destroyer” – $1.5 million, “Conan the Conqueror” – $1 million, Weird Fantasy #29 cover – $380,000, John Carter/Swords of Mars – $350,000, Land of Terror – $275,000 and Escape on Venus – $251,000. Winiewicz states, “These results point to one thing, namely, when Frazetta artwork of significant quality is released in the marketplace, it invariably attains significant prices. Outstanding works by Frazetta will always bring top dollar results. He is the finest blue-chip investment in this field. Collectors and investors are strongly drawn to the unique life and energy that radiates from such works. This quality of art is profoundly satisfying.”

Interested bidders from around the world can participate at the auction in person, by telephone, fax, submit absentee bids or participate online in real time from anywhere with Internet access across the globe. For more information, please visit

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