Wonder Woman Film Costumes and Props on display in Las Vegas

First up comes all this news from the set of the new Justice League film, and now these images from the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, where costumes and props from the new Wonder Woman film (currently in production) are on display:

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After the backlash received by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it looks like DC Comics and Warner Bros. have been going into overdrive to generate as much positive buzz as they can for their slate of comic book films.

What do you think about what you’ve seen so far?

One thought on “Wonder Woman Film Costumes and Props on display in Las Vegas

  1. Part of the problem that DC has faced, in their cinematic outings, is that they’ve been at the mercy of Warner, who has owned DC outright for decades. DC may get “consulting” credits, but ultimately, their properties have been in the hands of anyone who can sell Warner on a film idea. Sometimes it works great, like say Nolan’s unique take on Batman. Sometimes it works dismally, like Schumacher’s Batman. The strength Marvel has had has been Marvel Entertainment, an extension of Marvel, acting as a governor, in much the way that DC’s strongest exploitation outside of comics has been DC Animation, which Warner didn’t care enough about to mess with (“cartoons are for kids!”), thus letting DC have a stronger hand in control (and thus making some really interesting stuff – check out the DC Nation shorts like Batman of Shanghai and Wonder Woman, as well as much of the humor in Batman Brave and the Bold, including an almost panel for panel interpretation of Wally Wood’s 60’s MAD parody “Batboy and Ruben”). Which brings us to the point – Warner has learned their lesson, and set up essentially a “DC Entertainment”, a steering body headed by DC’s Geoff Johns, so we may be seeing a more informed and cohesive series of DC cinematic offerings in the future. All of which you likely know, so I’m just gonna sit over here and shut my big mouth.


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