Army of Darkness VS THE GEEK SHOW!

A few weeks ago I was invited by fellow fanboy Aaron J. Amendola to be a guest on his variety/comedy/talk show called “THE GEEK SHOW”.

As this was my first time at the show, I found it to be a wonderfully charming and funny production, that’s put on by some of the most talented people you’ll meet in Chicago.

In my segment, Aaron and I talk about my contribution to the “Army of Darkness 1992.1” anthology, live-tweeting a date, and who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Check it out!:

(Now after seeing myself on video I’m feeling a bit like I need to get back into the gym and work on my geekfit some more. WHO AM I KIDDING? I NEED IT BIG TIME!)

Check back for my next segment on THE GEEK SHOW where I play a game with a member of the audience!

Thanks to Aaron for the invite and kudos to him and the VS THE UNIVERSE CREW for putting on a fun show!

Hail to the King baby! Get the script to Army of Darkness 1992.1

Listen up screwheads! This Wednesday Dynamite Entertainment’s anniversary special “Army of Darkness 1992.1” will be hitting the shelves at comic shops everywhere. The square-bound anthology edition features the talents of Steve Niles, James Kuhoric, Cullen Bunn and Mike Raicht (along with yours truly) writing untold tales of everyone’s favorite chainsaw-swinging, boomstick-blasting hero, Ashley J. Williams.


It was such a blast getting to play with Ash again and it was a real honor to have my name on a book with some of the top talents in comics! Now, since I think this occasion merits doing something special to commemorate it, I’m going to reward all my readers with a treat!

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