HQ Beercade brings Pac-Man and Holiday Joy to Sinai Children’s Hospital

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While they may not have been wearing red suits and hats on arrival, Brian Galati and his crew from Headquarters Beercade were playing the role of Santa Claus for the kids at Mount Sinai Children’s Hospital on Monday.

Even though they had already donated a classic Pac-Man arcade console to the Pediatric unit, Galati and Co. came bearing gifts from a last-minute trip to the toy store. “We couldn’t come empty handed,” Galati explained “There’s kids, it’s Christmas, we had to bring what we could. We stopped off and got a bunch of toys to bring some smiles over here.”

The act of generosity comes out of Capacity Bar Group‘s (the owners of Headquarters Beercade) philanthropic philosophy. “Our goal is to always give back.” Galati said. “We’re guys that worked very hard to get where we’re at, and we never want to forget where we came from. So the big goal for us is to take every opportunity we can to bring smiles out there, to help less fortunate people, and we love doing it.”

With their donation, patients at the pediatric unit are now be able to enjoy playing Pac-Man without having to feed quarters into the classic console, just like patrons of Headquarters Beercade.

The console was chosen both for its height, allowing kids of all ages and sizes to play, and it’s cultural significance. “In 1980 it was one of the first arcade games of its kind,” Galati said, “so we wanted to bring the originator.”

And how did Sinai Children’s Hospital become the place where they would play Santa Claus? “One of my business partners – Chireal Jordan – got in contact with a couple hospitals just to see if there was a possibility that we could start spreading some of the love,” Galati explained, “and Mount Sinai got back to us. We’re very thankful for it.”

Doctor Puppet Visits “The Planet That Came For Christmas”

With the Doctor Who Christmas Special just a day away, Whovians can whet their appetites for a new Timelord adventure and enjoy this delightful animated holiday feature from the folks behind “Doctor Puppet“!

If you’ve never heard of them before, this is from the Doctor Puppet YouTube Channel: “Doctor Puppet is a Doctor Who fan series made by a team of professional artists and musicians. It’s a labor of love. The puppets and animation are created in a tiny New York City apartment. The music and vocals are produced and recorded in England.”

Yesterday they posted their newest short called “The Planet That Came For Christmas.” It wonderfully captures the spirit of the Christmas specials using the same stop-motion technique that fans of the classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” enjoy:

Happy Christmas everyone!