Eating Crow: The Star Trek Beyond Review on “Geek/Countergeek”

In this latest edition of “Geek/Countergeek” Keith and I offer our reviews and reflections on the new Ghostbusters movie. How did it hold up next to the original films?

And, after lamenting how Star Trek has lost its way with the recent movies – and even giving poor Chris Pine grief – I have to eat my share of crow after seeing Star Trek Beyond…

Now I’m looking forward to the new television series!

What did you think about Star Trek Beyond?

Ghostbusters Universe? Talking about the Ghostbusters reboot and the merits of GB2 with Keith Conrad

This week’s edition of Geek/Countergeek has Keith Conrad and me discussing the Ghostbusters franchise. What’s up with this new announced “male Ghostbusters” film? Is Sony making it to appease male fans who are upset about the gal-centric reboot? And is Keith crazy for liking Ghostbusters 2 more than the first film? (Spoiler: he is.) All this and more Star Wars talk including the announcement of “SW: Rogue One”!


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