Marvel goes tiny in “Ant-Man” Blu-Ray promo

In what was their biggest gamble since “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the folks at Marvel Studios launched a superhero series in their “Marvel Cinematic Universe” (MCU) based on one of their lesser-known heroes named “Ant-Man.” Of course, when you have a character that’s best known for shrinking to the size of an ant, you have to change your way of thinking when it comes to promoting his movie. You have to get away from the larger-than-life scope of heroes like Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. You have to get…tiny.

With the blu-ray release of Marvel’s “Ant-Man” this week, the studio is “going small” by giving fans a new way to look at the world of Scott Lang, the secret identity of the titular hero as played by Paul Rudd.

I received a neat little “Ant-Man” memento courtesy of the film studio and toymaker Janky Toys. It was a miniaturized replica of the blu-ray, complete with its own sleeve!

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Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor talks about becoming The Penguin

Via YouTube comes this interview with Robin Lord Taylor of the television series “Gotham.” The “Young Penguin” actor visits with Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrrare of the “Home & Family” Show to talk about auditioning for the role, carrying on the tradition of The Penguin (from Burgess Meredith & Danny DeVito) and working with co-star Carol Kane.

Talking toys and launching Lavabear with Nathan Hamill

I first met Nathan Hamill in 2010 at the San Diego Comic Con.  That year the then-burgeoning toy designer had already debuted his creation “Boris the Raccoon” and was following up with a second design titled “tyrannoCECILrex.” He’s since gone on to create several toys and characters, the most recent being “Lavabear” which will be celebrated at a launch party this Saturday. The party will be hosted by 3D Retro Toys in Glendale, CA.

I recently caught up with Hamill to talk about “Lavabear”, his creative process, his favorite toys, and whatever happened to his plans for a “Hamill Land” theme park:

Geek To Me: Since we last spoke a lot has gone on with you! Care to bring us up to speed?

Nathan Hamill: It’s been a few years, yeah. I’ve done a few more vinyls and resins. Art shows. A cartoon show called Weasel Town.

Not to be confused with “Frozen” by the way. Some little Disney flick.

You know…just keeping it going.

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“What a hunk a junk!” J.J. Abrams gives us a look at the Millenium Falcon

As production continues on Episode VII, so do the playful shots between director J.J. Abrams and Superman V. Batman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder.

This one just gave me chills:

Seeing the Millennium Falcon, so up close and personal, just brought out the little kid in me.  Oh how I’ve longed to walk aboard that legendary space freighter, to sit in the co-pilot seat and play “dejarik” (holo chess) against her wookiee first mate.

Oh yeah, is it me or do the themes from Star Wars and The Dark Knight mesh better than expected?