Getting paid on the Enterprise: How does money work on Star Trek?

The latest episode of Geek/Countergeek has Keith Conrad and I discussing Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, the new blu-ray collection, and how money – or more specifically commerce – works in Gene Roddenberry’s utopian future.

Just how much do garbage men make in the United Federation of Planets?



Eating Crow: The Star Trek Beyond Review on “Geek/Countergeek”

In this latest edition of “Geek/Countergeek” Keith and I offer our reviews and reflections on the new Ghostbusters movie. How did it hold up next to the original films?

And, after lamenting how Star Trek has lost its way with the recent movies – and even giving poor Chris Pine grief – I have to eat my share of crow after seeing Star Trek Beyond…

Now I’m looking forward to the new television series!

What did you think about Star Trek Beyond?

Is Star Wars bigger than the NFL? And what color is Muppet blood?

This week’s edition of Geek/Countergeek has Keith Conrad and I discussing the news out of D23; the “Walking Dead” prequel series “Fear The Walking Dead”; Orlando Bloom returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise; and how Star Wars is bigger than the National Football League!:

Oh yeah, and when you cut a Muppet, what color blood comes out?

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Talking about Alien Invasions and Scientology

This week’s Geek/Countergeek got a wee bit heavier than I expected it would. Co-host Keith Conrad and I started off talking about geeky stuff, but then I kind of veered into a rant on Scientology and what scams some religious leaders pull. This is the kind of stuff that is bound to piss some folks off if they’re paying attention. I’m guessing they’re not. 😉

Give it a listen and let me know what you think?



Taking on the Fanbros: Discussions on the Batgirl/Joker Variant cover and why it makes for bad marketing

My podcast tour continues as I tackle the subject of the Batgirl-Killing Joke variant cover on Geek/Countergeek with Keith Conrad:

And then I sit in on the Caffeinated Comics podcast with Jon Clarke and Steven Brown, where I describe what the term “fanbro” means as well as why the cover was just bad marketing



Freaking out over Harrison Ford and arguing over the Star Wars Prequels

This week’s edition of Geek/Countergeek has Keith Conrad and me discussing the recent plane crash involving Harrison Ford and how news outlets/social media handled it. Then we move on to the way some Star Wars fans rip the Prequel Trilogy, which just pisses me off. I explain why:

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My New Favorite Star Wars Talk Show

Today was the premiere of “The Comlink”, a nerdy talk show devoted to all things Star Wars. The show is hosted by David Collins and can be found on Kevin Smith’s S.I.T. (Smodcast Internet Television) Youtube Channel.

The first episode features an interview with voice actor – and friend of Geek To MeJames Arnold Taylor. He talks about the new episodes of “The Clone Wars” that debuted on, as well as what it was like to interview Mark Hamill:

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Coming Soon: The Minister of Chance – The Movie! (UPDATED)

Attention all Whovians! If you’ve never checked out “The Minister of Chance”, you’re missing out on a top-notch audio drama that utilizes the talents of classic “Doctor Who” talents like Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann. And you can download it for free!

“The Minister of Chance” follows the exploits of Kitty – a barmaid at the “Traveler’s Rest” pub – and the mysterious “Minister” who one day walks into her life and turns it upside-down. The series is a science fantasy epic that harkens back to the day of radio dramas. And did I mention that it’s free?

The series has reached such popularity that a feature film is going into production, and fans will be able to pitch in and get very special rewards. Check out the details from the following release:

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