Svengoolie to present original Star Trek pilot episode

Fans of both Star Trek and b-movie horror host Svengoolie will enjoy the show this weekend when MeTV airs the original pilot episode “The Cage” hosted by the Chicago Television legend!

When I heard the news, I reached out to Sven’s alter-ego Rich Koz for comment: “As a longtime Star Trek fan, who watched the shows when they first aired  -yeah, I’m that old- getting to present the original pilot is a real kick for me -especially this remastered, full color version. Still blown away by the scene where Spock finds something amusing and breaks out in a big smile!”

Which begs the question, will the rubber chickens be set to stun?


From the MeTV YouTube Page:

On Saturday, September 10, 2016 Svengoolie presents the original, unaired ‘Star Trek’ pilot, “The Cage,” at 10PM | 9C. Also, at 9PM | 8C, tune in for the first ‘Star Trek’ episode to air on broadcast television, “The Man Trap.”

Visit the MeTV website for programming info!

Getting paid on the Enterprise: How does money work on Star Trek?

The latest episode of Geek/Countergeek has Keith Conrad and I discussing Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, the new blu-ray collection, and how money – or more specifically commerce – works in Gene Roddenberry’s utopian future.

Just how much do garbage men make in the United Federation of Planets?



Eating Crow: The Star Trek Beyond Review on “Geek/Countergeek”

In this latest edition of “Geek/Countergeek” Keith and I offer our reviews and reflections on the new Ghostbusters movie. How did it hold up next to the original films?

And, after lamenting how Star Trek has lost its way with the recent movies – and even giving poor Chris Pine grief – I have to eat my share of crow after seeing Star Trek Beyond…

Now I’m looking forward to the new television series!

What did you think about Star Trek Beyond?

Talking about Alien Invasions and Scientology

This week’s Geek/Countergeek got a wee bit heavier than I expected it would. Co-host Keith Conrad and I started off talking about geeky stuff, but then I kind of veered into a rant on Scientology and what scams some religious leaders pull. This is the kind of stuff that is bound to piss some folks off if they’re paying attention. I’m guessing they’re not. 😉

Give it a listen and let me know what you think?



The Psychology of Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Episode IV at San Diego Comic-Con [VIDEO]

(Image by ApolloNui on DeviantArt)

Of all the panels that take place at the San Diego Comic-Con, this is one that I love the most. Not just because it includes some of the top names in sci-fi and fantasy (like Sam Witwer and Rod Roddenberry) or good friend Dr. Andrea Letamendi (known as @ArkhamAsylumDoc on Twitter), but also because it’s hosted by Brian Ward of Shout! Factory.

‘Cuz boy, I do love me some gingers:

The debate of Star Trek versus Star Wars is certainly a fun one, don’t you think?

As long as we all agree that Star Wars is better. 😉

(Just kidding.)



What did you think about the panel?

Star Trek: Axanar – The Kickstarter Preview

I was alerted to this Kickstarter campaign by David Gerrold – the writer who gave us “The Trouble with Tribbles” – when he wrote about it on his Facebook page. It’s for the production of an indie Star Trek series called “Axanar.”  This is what the series would be about, according to the KS page:

“Axanar” takes place 21 years before the events of “Where no Man Has Gone Before”, the first Kirk episode of the original Star Trek. Axanar is the story of Garth of Izar, the legendary Starfleet captain who is Captain Kirk’s hero. Kirk himself called Garth the model for all future Starfleet Officers. Garth charted more planets than any other Captain and was the hero of the Battle of Axanar, the story of which is required reading at the academy. This is that story.

If you ask me, it’s closer to the spirit of the original Star Trek than the “rebooted” version we currently have:

You can check out the KS campaign by clicking HERE.

What say you? Is it Trek enough for ya’?